edition 2018
Date : From July, 06th - to August 26th 2018
Place : Château La Dominique

On Wine and Art

It was almost inevitable that Château La Dominique would come together with contemporary art. The vivid, glowing hue of Jean Nouvel's fermenting room echoes the red of our wines, prompting Guillaume de Sardes to argue in his lyrical description of the exhibition that red is the colour of art. Yes, red is art, and the exhibition “City red, forest red” is a match made in heaven for our domain The colour red is a common thread in the domain's multiple connections with the world of contemporary art. By presenting internationally acclaimed artists, we remain faithful to the values of boldness, innovation and modernity that underpin our family business. This is another page in Château La Dominique's story, which we are determined to keep at the cutting edge. Its nature and our ambition are one and the same.

Jean Claude Fayat

City Red, Forest Red

For the first time this summer, Château La Dominique, based in Saint Emilion, is host to a contemporary art exhibition. The exhibition is open to all and is situated in the domain’s vat house, designed by Jean Nouvel. An ephemeral display structure, 42,5 metres long and 3,10 metre high, is set especially for the occasion. The exhibition’s theme is the colour red found in nature as well as in cities. The very fact of this dual presence questions the classic “nature vs. culture” clash through thirty pieces or thereabouts, displaying the variety of contemporary artistic media: photography, installations, sculpture, drawing, lithography, painting. The exhibition is made possible by important loans from CAPC (Bordeaux’ contemporary art museum) as well as FRAC Limousin (regional contemporary art collection) and the Artothèque (a modern artwork library) in Pessac, which allow a wide audience to discover eighteen international artists.

Guillaume De Sardes

Guillaume De Sardes

Curator of the exhibition

The curator is Guillaume de Sardes, writer, art historian and specialist in contemporary photography. He has already collaborated with a large number of artistic and museum institutions in France and abroad: MUCEM, FRAC PACA, la Friche la Belle de Mai, Villa Méditerranée, Harvard University, the HEAD of Geneva, the Centre d'Art Contemporain de Genève, the Museum of Modern Art of Paris, the European House of Photography, the Beaux-Arts of Paris, the Beirut Exhibition Center, the French Institute of Lebanon, the French Institute of Marrakech, etc

The artists

Nicolas Comment . Georges Rousse . Miquel Barcelo . Sarkis .
Edwart Vignot . Jean-Michel Alberola . Henri Cueco . Patrick Tosani .
Bruce Wrighton . François Deladerrière . Gilbert & George .
Gérard Tisserand . Gérard Traquandi . José Maria Sicilia . Erik Van Der Weijde .
Katharina Bosse . Jean-Pierre Raynaud . Daniel Buren

Views of the exhibition